The Dry Divide is the seventh book in the Little Britches series.

Book description

From the 2002 audio book:
Ralph Moody had just turned twenty, with only one dime in his pocket when he was put off a freight train in Western Nebraska on the Fourth of July, 1919.

Three months later Ralph would own eight teams of horses and the rigs to go with them. Everyone who worked with him shared in the prosperity—the widow whose crop he saved, and the group of misfits who formed a first-rate harvesting crew. The crew included a Mexican teenager unable to speak a word of English, a snake oil pitcher known as "Doc", two silent giant Swedes, the easy going Irishman Jaikus, and ornery Old Bill.

As Ralph leads his ragtag crew, fickle Mother Nature and frail human character make sure the going is anything but easy. The tension in these opposing forces never lets up as Ralph faces some of his greatest challenges high up on the Dry Divide...


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