Edward Shenton (1895-1977) was an American illustrator, author, editor, poet, and teacher.

Early lifeEdit

Edward Shenton was born on November 29, 1895.


Between 1923 and 1976, he illustrated over 130 books including The Yearling, Tender Is the Night, Green Hills of Africa, Freedom River Florida 1845, This Is My Country, The Flaming Sword, and three volumes of the Rivers of America Series. He also illustrated "The Long Trains Roll" by Stephen W. Meader (Harcourt, Brace and Co.) in 1944. During the 1930s he was the "house" illustrator for Scribner's magazine, where he drew interior illustrations as well as covers.

He also wrote ten books and seventy-five articles for various magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post, The New Yorker, Collier's, and The Atlantic Monthly.


He died in 1977.

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